Pet Grooming Tool - 2 Sided Undercoat Rake

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Say Goodbye to pet hair on your clothes!

If you're a pet parent, you're possibly well aware that shedded hair on the couch is super annoying. Stop exhausting yourself picking up hair and start a new routine with this brush!

No more shedding

Grooming your pooch can sometimes feel overwhelming, and that’s why this brush will be such a wise investment. It takes long and short hair super effectively without hurting your naughty friend.

Daily massaging tool

Frequent brushing not only prevents painful and irritating hair tangles, but also massages and comforts. Once you sit down and spend time grooming, you’ll soon hear their happy purring.

Non-scratchy head

This smart brush with rounded, non-scratchy heads will deeply massage and pick up messy hair without scratching or irritating our pet’s delicate skin.

Firm & non-slip handle

You’ll have an easy time brushing your dog or cat with this rake brush, as the handle is ergonomically anti-slip and firm.

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  • Material: ABC Steel + TPR

  • Dimensions (Length x Head Width): 

    • Small: 17 x 5cm

    • Large: 17 x 7cm

Care instructions
  • Wash With Water And Mild Detergents.

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